The UK's Centralised Pet Insurance Claims Database

CACHE Pet, the UK's only centralised database for pet insurance claims. CRIF's platform empowers pet insurers to manage risk by creating a claims profile and history for any claimant, helping to effectively reduce fraud loss and improving customer perception and insurer reputation.

Claims anomalies, serial claimants, pre-existing conditions, and non-disclosure and misrepresentation of information: while insurance companies are increasing the supply of pet healthcare policies, the opportunities for fraud are also on the up. As pet healthcare policies become increasingly available, so does the likelihood of fraudulent activity.

CACHE Pet sets itself apart by identifying claims anomalies, serial claimants, pre-existing conditions, and instances of non-disclosure and misrepresentation of information.

Covered industries

Business People 11 400

How it works

CRIF provides insurers with the tools to manage risk more effectively and combat fraud. Our easy-to-integrate system is accessible via batch, A2A or web browser, allowing insurers to populate and search the database in real-time or by overnight batch.

Key benefits

For individuals

Accurate risk profile of the claimant

Enriched with information from pre-existing pet conditions, cross-checked business lines, and other sources, insurers can assess risks accurately, allowing them to offer competitive pricing.

For financial Institutions

Reducing the claims lifecycle

By fast tracking genuine claimants, you can speed up the claims management process and deliver a greater customer experience.

Improving customer satisfaction

Insurers will have a holistic view of the pet insurance claim and the parties involved, supporting the genuine customer, vet and the insurer.

Optimising resources and costs

Operational savings due to accurate and comprehensive data analysis.

RSA added a sample set of pet claims into CACHE Pet in Quarter 4 of 2017 and as a result identified a number of suspect claims. We are now extending this activity to encompass all pet claims as a direct result of this success. RSA are active supporters of initiatives that help prevent and detect fraudulent claims. -Adele Sumner, Head of Fraud Intelligence and Strategic Development at RSA

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