CRIF has been supporting the UK insurance industry – working with over 120 insurance brands - for 25 years and now holds over 7 million households, 19.9 million motor and 13.5 million personal injury insurance claims.

By identifying, merging and leveraging new and existing data sources in innovative ways we help insurers and compensators keep one step ahead of fraud. 

CRIF services allow insurers, MGAs and brokers to optimise pricing, underwriting, risk assessment, claims management and fraud prevention while delivering a greater customer experience.

Innovative data-driven solutions have been implemented to digitalise and speed up key steps of the insurance process, such as consumer profiling, pricing sophistication, claims management and fraud investigation. 

Business Needs

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Customer Identification

By validating the identity of prospects and clients, you can effectively manage risks, prevent fraud and streamline pricing.

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Underwriting & Pricing

Accurate pricing and rapid delivery of high volumes of data to inform claims and quotations is essential to issue millions of riskless quotes and perform sustainable underwriting transactions.

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Claims Management

Assessing risk in order to reduce exposure and automatically detect cases where further investigation is required at the claim stages of the insurance lifecycle.

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Fraud Investigation

Counter-fraud intelligence services to speed up investigations, delivering operational efficiencies and reducing the time taken to collect and integrate key information.