Identity Verification and Risk Assessment

ID Check is a powerful tool that provides an easy-to-understand identity verification and risk assessment report.

Combining a brief results summary with a detailed granular report, CRIF delivers identity verification checks to help insurance companies, banks and legal representatives know their customers better, manage business risks, and confidently conduct due diligence.

The tool accurately screens the personal details provided against a wide range of positive and negative databases, enabling users to verify an individual’s identity and highlight potential risk quickly and easily.

Covered industries

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Know Your Customer Better

ID Check empowers users to confidently identify individuals and gain a better understanding of their circumstances, whilst tackling the threat of identity fraud. The tool offers an extremely accurate verification of date of birth information with the use of the credit reference file, as well as data on birth and death records, passport verification, mobile number check, and more.

3 Digit KYC Profile

Our ID checks uses a 3 stage process whereby the individual’s identity, residency and alerts are checked to produce a report that generates an easy to understand 3 digit KYC profile for every customer screened. By using a profile instead of a score we return a clear and actionable summary of your customer’s identity:

  • Residency: Name and Address Verification
  • Identity: Date of Birth Confirmation
  • Alerts: PEP & Sanctions, Dow Jones Data, Deceased (Halo) and Fraud (CIFAS members) Risk Indicators.
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Key benefits

Onboarding optimisation

Identification of genuine customers as well as suspicious transactions and applications.

For financial Institutions

Solvency Check

Assessment of creditworthiness and financial standing by highlighting insolvent individuals and verification of credit-active individuals.

Proof-of-identity Check

Instant verification of the validity of paper proof-of-identity documents such as driving license number, and passport cross-checking with the CIFAS National Fraud Database.

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