Credit Reports & Company Searches

CRIF credit reports, powerfully accurate and built with real-time data, provide you with some of the most highly predictive Credit Scores in the UK and worldwide.

Our extensive portfolio provides you with a wide range of reports and documents covering every aspect of companies, directors, and businesses. Our vast database is expertly curated to suit to your particular needs, whether you require in-depth due diligence, meticulous risk evaluations, or essential insights.

  • Identification: data that can be used to find a company using business registration details, legal form and address.
  • Risk assessment: a rating that can be used to understand the risk level combined with a credit limit to get further insight into company vulnerability. The Local Rating is a focal point for company and risk assessment, starting from country-based information, and avoiding standardized assessments and missing specific local characteristics.
  • Firmographics: industry code, number of employees, and all information enabling companies to be classifed.
  • Financial information: available if the legal form requires the submission of financial data, balance sheets and ratios to evaluate financial strength.
  • Negative and significant legal events: crucial to find out if information can affect risk level.
  • Historical data: changes that occurred in the past involving company management.
  • Business management: both current and past senior management.
  • Company structure and relationships: linked to legal form, these data can be used to build a map of company relationships and ownership, company director searches.
  • Bank details: name, address, branch of the bank used by the company, if available.

Covered industries

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Key Features

  • Real-time feeds and updates from UK Companies House
  • Comprehensive credit reports and industry searches
  • Multi-user logins included
  • Identification of bad debt judgments and insolvency arrangements
  • Access to historical scanned images
  • Free unlimited monitoring and RiskWatch access
  • Accredited by leading credit insurers

International Credit Reports across 230 territories

CRIF offers International Credit Reports and instantly search on over 200 million businesses worldwide.

Access high-quality business information globally with CRIF solutions. Our SkyMinder platform provides comprehensive risk data for informed business decisions.

  • Coverage Across 230 Territories: Obtain the latest details on over 200 million companies worldwide, regardless of political or economic instability.
  • Credit Reports: Clear picture of a business, including risk assessment, firmographics, financial information, legal events, and more. Available online or freshly investigated.
  • Monitoring Services: Stay updated on company changes with Alert, Full Monitoring, and Planned Revision solutions.
  • Low Prices Customised to Your Needs: Affordable access to data with tailored packages for your business.
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Key benefits

Up-to-date information services

Credit Reports are available online or can be freshly investigated, meaning that high quality information is guaranteed anywhere in the world.

For financial Institutions

Quality approved data

From instantly generated reports to those requiring additional analysis to verify and collect data due to the lack of organisation of sources.

Monitoring Services

Combining with the credit report, keeping up-to-date with what has changed in a company is the best way to prevent critical events.

Global coverage

Growing your business network with confidence with any one of our global credit reports on over 200m companies across 230 territories.

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