Empowering Decision-Making

StrategyOne is a decision-making platform developed by CRIF that enables your organisation to make informed decisions, encourage customer loyalty, increase sales and margins, manage risk, and effectively implement business and regulatory policies.

Your business users take control, easily implementing, testing, monitoring, and updating decision processes without the need for coding, resulting in automated and confident decision-making.

Covered industries

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Automated and confident decision-making

Free your organisation from inflexible and costly hard-coded rules spread across systems. Embrace enterprise decision management, where business users drive decision-making with ease and flexibility. StrategyOne allows quick implementation, testing, monitoring, and changes to rules, credit scores, and calculations without coding. 

Improving Your Performance and Marketing Strategies

From pre-screening and underwriting to ongoing risk management and marketing campaigns and collection strategies, StrategyOne spans the customer lifecycle, covering all aspects of decision management with graphical, user-friendly decision-making technology.

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Key benefits

Optimising your strategies

Monetise analytic investments by enhancing human’s capacity to get expert decisions with the ability of machine learning to evaluate multiple and unconventional factors.

Increased control and monitoring

Monitoring your strategies in an easy way in order to measure your business objectives and promptly react to gain more and limit losses.

Intuitive Visual Designer

Enable your business experts to quickly create and test decision logic without coding.

CRIF Success Stories

Tier-1 Bank

From a standard to advanced origination solution. We helped a Tier-1 Bank automate the credit process and integrate pre-existing databases. This resulted in a 38% decrease of time to cash and 24% reduction of print and archive costs.

CRIF Success Stories

Leading European Financial Services Company

Automated rating and decision engine for car financing across multiple countries. The client needed to automate the rating process while implementing a decision engine and reducing the costs. This resulted in a 10% increase in automated approval decisions and a 15% increase in application decisions within 15 mins. In addition the company reduced running costs by 25% and infrastructure costs by 80% .

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