Advanced AI and Machine Learning for Unparalleled Fraud Detection

With Sherlock Detection, insurers can investigate 100% of their claims in just 3 seconds, identify hidden fraudulent connections, assess risks, and personalise your offer. CRIF AI and proprietary machine learning techniques, together with an insurance fraud analytics engine and more than 200 expert rules, empower you to optimise claims management, identify profitable areas and personalise your pricing.

Get an intuitive and comprehensive risk assessment report, including a fraud risk score.

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How Sherlock Detection works

Sherlock Detection is for pet insurers looking to make informed claims decisions based on easily assimilated, evidence-based intelligence rather than relying on traditional, unexplained black box rules. Insurers can integrate any internal or external information source, analyse the results using innovative machine learning and AI-driven risk assessment capabilities and complete a claims risk assessment in under three seconds.

Sherlock provides you with 3 indices

For each claim, Sherlock provides you with 3 indices: the Expert Index, based on expert rules; the Anomaly Index, based on machine learning; and the Risk Index, which is a balanced combination of the other two, which gives an immediate overall evaluation of the claim. 

Sherlock Detection provides the insurer with a fraud risk score for every claim supported by an intuitive report, written in simple business language, which evaluates the level of anomaly for each claim.

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Key benefits

Higher predictiveness

AI and proprietary machine learning techniques continually adapt and deliver a predictive accuracy far greater than manual analysis and traditional algorithms.

Automating internal processes

Streamlining internal processes, enhancing customer experience and enabling seamless information sharing for claims and fraud teams to mitigate vulnerabilities.

Complete claims risk assessment in seconds

Identify hidden fraudulent connections between parties involved in past and present claims, and evaluate anomalies across multiple lines of business.

CRIF insurance fraud analytics engine

Leveraging CRIF's advanced insurance fraud analytics engine. Automate and manage claims based on relevancy (AI, machine learning, anomaly detection and more).

CRIF Success Stories

Major European Insurer

We helped a Major European Insurer analyse 100% claims vs 20%, 50% of the claims investigated were false positives and we discovered fraudulent claims that they had not identified. This resulted in increased efficiency, reduced costs and improved customer experience.

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