In today's digital landscape, banks and lenders face the challenge of unlocking a deeper knowledge of their customers to develop personalised services and deliver an improved user experience.
By optimising the digital journey, banks can strengthen the relationship with their customers to help them manage their finances in an informed way and promote financial inclusion.

CRIF is an international award-winning player at the forefront of this transformation, offering:

  • Integrated Solutions that leverage a broad set of information, data intelligence, platforms and innovative solutions, incorporating credit, risk, behavioural and business information as well as alternative data (open banking, digital footprint).
  • ESG Data, Score and Analytics, enabling financial institutions to better understand how compliant with ESG principles the companies, customers and suppliers they work with are, supporting their ESG objectives and efforts to guide their sustainability journey by analysing their impact on natural resource consumption and biodiversity, waste production, emissions, health and safety record, modern slavery and inclusiveness.
  • A Seamless Digital Journey, from onboarding to evaluation and business development, to help organisations provide a digital experience in line with modern consumers' expectations.
  • Value Creation by empowering organisations to be more efficient, effective and customer-centric.

Business Needs

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Customer Identification & Onboarding

A unique mix of data and insights allow banks to identify consumers and companies through digital & physical processes.

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Customer Management

Making informed decisions based on insights, fostering enduring customer relationships, effectively managing risk, and delivering seamless customer engagement.

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Transaction Categorisation & Advanced Analytics

Leveraging account transaction data, based on machine learning and artificial intelligence to turn unstructured data into structured insights.

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ESG Compliance & Sustainability

Discover the ESG score of your customers, suppliers and partners to optimise risk management, achieve sustainable targets and promote green finance.