Enabling digital communication between insurers and the DWP

A unique workflow solution enabling insurers to electronically submit and receive messages to and from the Department for Works and Pensions (DWP).

The CRU Electronic Messaging service (CRU EM) allows a two-way electronic dialogue between the compensator and CRU and covers the end-to-end CRU process and the lifespan of an open claim.
CRIF developed and implemented the CRU EM service in 2004, working closely with the DWP to create automated messaging between the compensator and CRU and to facilitate electronic data exchange on certificates and compensation information.

Integrated with CACHE PI, the CACHE CRU EM service provides front-end validation, preventing the need to rework details, and results in a significant reduction in paper rejections from the CRU. There is an instant audit trail of exchanged messages, and online management reports can be generated for workflow and billing. Continually updated to reflect government legislative changes, the service also delivers improved security, supports better data integrity and is IS0 27001 and IS0 9001 certified.

Covered industries

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What is the Compensation Recovery Unit?

The Compensation Recovery Unit (CRU) works with compensators, solicitors and customers to recover amounts of social security benefits paid as a result of an accident, injury or disease, where a compensation payment has been made. CRU also recovers costs incurred by NHS hospitals and Ambulance Trusts for treatment from injuries from Road Traffic Accidents (RTA) and Personal Injury (PI) claims.

What makes CRU EM unique?

CRIF is the only supplier in the market that offers a full, end to end Electronic Messaging to DWP CRU and to CRU in Northern Ireland. The electronic exchange includes the submission of CRU1, CRU4 and CRU102 forms, certificates, reminders and diarising facilities.   During our recent customer satisfaction survey, 94% of users said that the service meets their needs very well and over 74% rated the ease of navigation of the system and the overall user experience as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’.

Business People 27 400

Key benefits

Quick response time

Preventing reworking with front-end validation and significantly reducing paper rejections from the CRU

Operational efficiencies

Reducing manual processes, form duplication and relying on postal services.

Improved data security

Providing greater data security without manual document retention and postal distribution.

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