Processing personal injury claims

CRIF serves as the technology partner for the development and hosting of the Claims Portal.

Created with users in mind, the Claims Portal offers a secure and efficient electronic platform for communication. It's importance is recognised by the Ministry of Justice, which mandates the use of the Claims Portal for processing personal injury claims falling within the scope of the pre-action protocols.

Originally introduced in 2010, the Claims Portal is a stakeholder solution designed to meet the needs of users. By leveraging our technology, we provide safe and reliable communication throughout the claims process.

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Covered industries

Key benefits

Secure and efficient data transfer

Safely exchange information, ensuring seamless and efficient data transfer between parties.

For financial Institutions

Communication of decisions

Sharing decisions quickly, enabling timely responses and smoother collaboration with stakeholders.

Reduced communication costs

Helping to save resources whilst maintaining effective communication throughout the claims journey.

Accurate information exchange

Avoiding inconsistencies or errors by verifying data, promoting better decision-making and overall claims efficiency.

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