Optimising risk assessment and claims management

As an insurance professional, you understand the importance of accurately assessing risk, identifying potential fraud, and optimising claims management. But are you struggling with the time-consuming and manual processes involved in claims management?

CACHE PI is the premier service that allows you to easily contribute to and search the PI database while adhering to the principles of reciprocity set out by the MIB (Motor Insurers' Bureau), who is responsible for the management of the Claims and Underwriting Exchange Register (CUE Search) on behalf of insurers in the UK. CACHE PI is fully adaptable to any business process requirement, allowing for ad-hoc database enquiries or claims record contribution.

CACHE, our comprehensive insurance bureau suite of services, can help you optimise claims management and automatically detect cases that require further investigation during the claims stage. The screening process can be enriched with additional datasets, including linked addresses, financial data, ID verification, and vehicle data, for even more comprehensive risk assessment.

Covered industries

Key benefits

Improving risk assessment

Enhancing the quality of your business portfolio and reducing exposure by accurately identifying risks

For financial Institutions

Speeding up claims management

Streamlining the claims expense processing through more efficient claims handling.

Optimising resources and costs

Reducing the manual effort and costs involved in confirming an individual’s claims history and controlling overall costs by identifying multiple and potentially fraudulent claims.

Additional modules

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As an additional module of CACHE, the CACHE Smart module allows insurers to enrich searches with linked addresses coming from a file of over 30 million records increasing the matching capability against the Claims and Underwriting Exchange Register database (CUE), which can then be integrated with specific anti-fraud models.

With CACHE Smart insurers can better assess risk and mitigate fraud by automatically identifying potential fraudulent cases.


As an additional module of CACHE, in one call the CACHE Plus product combines information on motor and personal injury claims related to road traffic accidents (RTAs) allowing insurers to identify and detect fraud.

CACHE Plus is an innovative insurance bureau suite of services that optimises claims history assessment to highlight the propensity of drivers to make personal injury claims as a result of a motor accident and identifies potentially fraudulent activity at all stages of the client lifecycle. With support from the Data Hub System, CACHE Plus screening process can be enriched with additional datasets such as linked addresses, financial data, ID verification, and vehicle data.

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