ESG Data & Analytics to drive your business strategies

CRIF ESG Analytics empowers banks, insurers and corporates to gain a comprehensive understanding of the ESG compliance of the companies, customers or suppliers they engage with.

Organisations can easily integrate a sustainability assessment into their core processes and facilitate effective actions on a range of ESG issues by measuring greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and evaluating transition, physical and environmental risks in view of upcoming regulations.
Leveraging CRIF's 30 years of analytics expertise, the ESG score is derived from over 130 proprietary key indicators sourced from both public and private data.
All that's required is the VAT or company registration number of a UK or European business to get an ESG score along with granular environmental, social and governance indicators, without the need to involve the individual company itself.

CRIF ESG Analytics consists of:

  • ESG Score: along with its components, it is a single-name indicator that measures the level of compliance with the ESG criteria suggested by the EBA
  • ESG Key Indicators: the criteria used to calculate the ESG Score
  • Physical Risk: geographical-industry score for assessing the impact of physical risk
  • GHG Emissions: Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emission data and calculation methodology
  • Transition Risk: industry scores for the assessment of single-name and portfolio risk
  • EU Taxonomy: industry indicators on taxonomy alignment and eligibility
  • Other Pillar III Variables: flag for companies belonging to polluting sectors, excluded from the Paris Accords
  • ESG Repository: contains ESG data on any company in the UK and EU on important areas such as a business’s water usage, waste production, emissions, health and safety record, modern slavery and inclusiveness.

This solution seamlessly complements CRIF's existing Synesgy service, allowing businesses to assess the ESG credentials of their entire supply chain through self-report questionnaires.

ESG Analytics and Synesgy in the UK expands the availability of these solutions around the world, where over 600,000 companies, including 350 banks and insurers, already use the service in more than 80 countries, as it helps to set an international standard in corporate sustainability.

Optimise your ESG strategies and business growth with a powerful blend of cutting-edge analytics and comprehensive insights.

Covered industries

Climate Risk Analytics Suite (CRAS) for climate change analysis

CRIF’s Climate Risk Analytics Suite allows analysis of the short- and long-term impacts of physical and transition risk on companies.

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ESG Data & Insights

CRIF ESG Analytics is based on open data processed by machine learning techniques to evaluate any company or individual in the UK and EU: get an ESG score alongside granular environmental, social and governance indicators without the need to engage with the individual company itself.

ESG Consultancy

The CRIF Consultancy team comprises certified ESG analysts, data scientists, and risk management and process consultants who help clients to integrate ESG components into their framework (business model, internal control system, disclosure & reporting) and to define and implement a “green” action plan.

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Key benefits

For financial Institutions

For financial institutions

Integrate ESG principals into your business model to comply with policies and disclosure requirements, optimise risk management and promote green finance.

For insurance companies

For insurance companies

Enhance pricing competitiveness, protect against future risks, calculate GHG emissions to develop eco-friendly products and support sustainability goals.

For businesses

For businesses

Accelerate your transition to sustainability by identifying your ESG profile and practical actions to take to achieve your ESG targets.

For individuals

For individuals

Understand and pursue sustainable behaviours to encourage changes in consumption, investment and borrowing habits.

Other solutions

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