Optimising onboarding and digital interaction

CRIF's solutions for digital onboarding and remote selling, innovatively designed to maximise your customers' digital experience. They streamline user-friendly processes, offer secure access, and enhance your brand's interaction with customers, all while reducing operating costs.

They offer customisable workflows, live interaction, video collaboration tools, and omnichannel UX, among other features. Our goal is to provide an effective, secure, and enjoyable digital experience for your customers while streamlining your business processes.

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Secure and fast identification

Phyon is the digital onboarding tool that accompanies both consumers and business customers from registration to digital signature, through a journey that streamlines time and costs while increasing security, all from the comfort of a remote location.

First, it allows to define the right steps tailored to corporate workflow and to be integrated within corporate process and workflow accordingly.

Secondly, it allows a live detection of the identity through an automatic face acquisition, suggestions to correct user mistakes, and an automatic flag when face is correctly acquired.

Finally, it performs real time and template acquisition and detection on user documents, while granting fraud detection and cyber defense to globally identify the digital identity.

Customer engagement and collaboration

Remote Selling solution transforms your end-to-end sales journey, providing a seamless user experience. Through video collaboration, customers receive personal and technical support, allowing them to engage with products and complete necessary documentation.

  • Electronic Signature, enabling the digital signing of an agreement.
  • Collaboration Toolbox, a set of tools enabling a smooth interaction (screen sharing, document sharing, live document collaboration, remote scanning).
  • Smart Recording, which allows recording some steps or the entire session of the interaction between the user and operator.
Business People 25 400

Key benefits

Digital customers

Creating a smooth digital journey and increasing your customer satisfaction.

Higher conversion rate

Operational cost reduction, higher productivity and conversion rates.

Lowering risks

Reducing fraud and reputational risks while increasing compliance.

Greater customer experience

Engage your customer seamlessly, and sell your complex products and services relying on a unique e2e ecosystem.

Simple and fast

Nothing to install, zero digital complexity.


Where and when customers want.

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