Elevate your business strategies with ESG data & analytics

There’s no doubt that protecting the environment for future generations is the number one challenge for individuals, businesses and governments today.
In fact, the regulatory landscape in both the EU and UK is increasingly focused on ESG compliance, and consequently banks, insurers and corporates need to understand the impact on their business and incorporate ESG principles into their decision making.

By working with regulatory bodies all around the world, CRIF is at the forefront of regulation and can efficiently support UK organisations in the transition towards more sustainable business growth.

Thanks to CRIF's unique repository of ESG data and over 30 years of advanced analytics expertise, you can gain insights into the ESG credentials of your company as well as of all the UK and European businesses you engage with, to promote good governance and social responsibility.

Unleash the power of CRIF to navigate the ESG landscape with confidence and purpose by:

  • Identifying and prioritising sustainable and ethically conscious business partners, facilitating the issuance of green finance and green insurance
  • Discovering potential future collaborators who align with your sustainability goals
  • Supporting your own ESG objectives, including awareness of natural resource consumption and its impact on biodiversity
  • Safeguarding your reputation by mitigating potential risks in your business associations and implementing remedies for any ESG exposure from customers and suppliers
  • Enhancing policy pricing competitiveness by exploiting a proven strong correlation between ESG indicators and loss ratio, improving profitability and competition, and helping insurers to prioritise their relationships with the most sustainable companies
  • Fulfilling reporting and compliance requirements for stakeholders, investors and regulatory bodies.

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