Improving business sustainability and ESG compliance

As the focus on sustainability grows, more businesses, banks, and insurance companies are prioritising ESG and reviewing their business model to lower the impact of their activities on the planet.

Synesgy, CRIF's ESG Solution, allows organisations to evaluate their own sustainability and the sustainability of their supply chain, assess the climate impact and environmental risks on their assets.

Whether you’re a small business wanting to assess your sustainability, a corporate organisation seeking to evaluate your supply chain, or a financial organisation looking to find out your ESG impact, we can help.

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Let us help you monitor, track and report on your corporate sustainability

Choose sustainability for a brighter future. Synesgy will help you measure your sustainability impacts, and those of your supply chain. Track your progress and meet ESG legal obligations with ease using Synesgy, as new CSRD reporting regulations begin affecting businesses.
Importantly once you have started your Synesgy journey, you will also have a data-driven, independently certified way to demonstrate to customers your business chooses ‘sustainability’, according to the latest ESG standards.

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Good for the environment. And great for sales and revenues

A growing trend shows many companies are now actively seeking to do business with companies who prioritise sustainability. If you have responded to a tender recently, you’ll know this is now a key consideration for companies when deciding who to partner with.

Synesgy manages the whole ESG-compliant process

Synesgy delivers ‘Sustainability’ assessments you can rely on.
The solution will empower you to easily audit your suppliers, letting you collect and view ESG reports and sustainability ratings on the organisations you work with.
Once your suppliers have completed their assessment, they can use their Synesgy certificate in their marketing and to map their sustainability journey.

With over a quarter of a million companies registered, Synesgy is quickly becoming the international standard in corporate sustainability.

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Key benefits

Supply Chain Monitoring

Evaluating the sustainability of the supply chain through an updated monitoring system.

Avoiding reputational risk

Preventing operational and reputational risks.

Guaranteed transparency

Evaluating the production process of the supply chain, through dashboards and scores.

ESG Self-assessment

Checking your own sustainability level and ESG score to view a customised roadmap and become more sustainable.


Obtaining the ESG Certification to be published on website and social networks.

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