Revolutionising Motor Insurance Pricing

Welcome to the future of motor insurance pricing with CRIF's Traffic Exposure Score. Empowering insurers with data-driven insights, Traffic Exposure Score is designed to enhance the way insurers assess risk on the road.

In an era of soaring insurance premiums and industry-wide efforts to reduce costs, insurers face unprecedented challenges in offering competitive premiums while maintaining profitability. By accurately accounting for traffic flows in the underwriting process, this solution equips motor insurers with the solution they need to make informed decisions and maintain their profitability.

CRIF leverages granular geographical data to provide a comprehensive understanding of a driver's risk profile. By analysing factors such as daily commutes, traffic intensity, hazards, and accident levels, insurers can make more informed underwriting decisions, resulting in improved loss ratio and fairer premiums for drivers.

Covered industries

CRIF Traffic Exposure Score

Driving Positive Outcomes

By harnessing the power of CRIF Traffic Exposure Score, motor insurers can reduce loss ratio by between 1.5% and 2.5%, streamlining pricing and profitability. Precision Scoring provides a granular geographical score ranging from 1-14, reflecting the level of risk associated with a driver's location.

Aligning with industry efforts to create a more accurate picture of risk, ultimately the solution benefits both insurers and policyholders.

Key Benefits

Granular Geographical Insights

Insurers can leverage data about a driver’s location, daily commute, and potential hazards to fine-tune their pricing strategy.

Beyond Traditional Metrics

Utilise open, proprietary and third-party data to help estimate the probability of an individual being in a traffic accident based on where they live and drive.

Advanced Risk Assessment

Traffic Exposure Score enables insurers to better assess potential risks, improve pricing and offer more accurate premiums to drivers.

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