Elevate Customer Evaluation with Speed and Reliability

CRIF Open Banking Suite provides a secure and efficient way to access payment accounts, accelerating creditworthiness evaluations for both businesses and consumers. This dynamic process categorises customer account transactions, profiles spending behaviours, and uncovers development opportunities.

Financial institutions can gain valuable insights from client transaction data, from current accounts to credits, by utilising CRIF's cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions. These precise categorisations allow for targeted profiling, KYC/KYB, efficient risk avoidance planning, and loss mitigation techniques.

  • End-users to improve their financial education and financial management capabilities
  • Financial institutions to know their customers better to enhance financial inclusion
  • Large corporates to better understand their customers’ habits and provide them with customised services and new payment options.

Covered industries

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Enhancing Connectivity for Swift Data Access

CRIF ensures seamless connectivity to bank accounts with the necessary consent acquired via recurring and one-time access. Our Open Banking Suite offers an innovative way to streamline access to critical customer data, enhancing your ability to make informed decisions.

Advanced Categorisation Engine & KPIs

Through our Open Banking Suite, CRIF obtains customer's Open Banking consent and accesses bank accounts. Current account transactions are classified using a proprietary categorisation system. We created an analytical suite of structured insights from unstructured data, which is critical for risk management and cross-/upselling tactics.

The CRIF Score is created using advanced analytics approaches and is totally based on current account information and banking description categorisation.

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Open Banking Suite features


  • Open Banking and Access to Account
  • KPI and Score Calculation
  • Account Transaction Categorisation
  • Cash Flow Indicators
  • Customer Portfolio Risk Monitoring
  • Customer Portfolio Profiling
  • Marketing Intelligence Insights

Key benefits

Unlocks In-depth Customer Understanding

Upgrading your profiling processes and harnesses powerful insights, decoding customer behaviour and trends in real time.

Actively Mitigates Risks

Reducing losses and creates robust risk mitigation strategies.

Elevates Customer Relationships

Improving your customer knowledge through active customer management.

Streamlines Marketing and Sales

Deploying differentiated and targeted marketing intelligence, our suite empowers you to devise compelling cross-/upselling strategies and plans.

Success Stories

Tier-1 Lender

Our client needed to improve their scoring model, time-to-market, and digital customer profiling. In addition, they wanted to incorporate insights into new data assets and reduce their rejection rate. The results: 50% automatically processed applications, reduced form filling by 7 mins, and 59% rejection rate decreased.

Success Stories

Fintech Company

Our client needed to increase their approval rates and risk assessment, particularly for the medium-risk area. They also managed to optimise time-to-market to develop a greater customer experience and fully digital journey. The result: +50% increase in automatic approval rates, 2x more granted loans for their digital customers, and -20% reduction in rejection rates.

Success Stories

Credit Card Issuer and Financial Services Provider

Our client wanted to promote financial inclusion and adopt an effective creditworthiness evaluation system. This included, access to bank account through consent collection, instant credit score evaluation and custom KPIs. The results: 60% bank account holders sharing their data and +20% acceptance rate after the second evaluation.

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