The pet insurance market is changing, but are insurers keeping up with their consumer duty?

Mergers, acquisitions and changing distribution patterns are some of the main changes in the industry. Customer choice is positive but pet insurance is a complex product for consumers to understand. 25% of brands in the market have 10 or more product options to choose from. Plus, the challenge of pre-existing conditions is leaving many pet owners confused.

This can lead to difficulties for consumers when trying to compare products and buy a pet cover.

Topics covered include:

  • Market Evolution: Trends and shifts in the pet insurance landscape.
  • Consumer Duty Concerns: Questions raised about insurers meeting their obligations.
  • Complexity in Choices: Challenges in understanding pet insurance options.
  • CRIF's Pet Check: A solution to enhance transparency and support insurers. 

Learn more about the evolution of pet insurance and consumer duty obligations.