London, May 24, 2016

The Elixir 2000 community of life insurers also use the system to validate and monitor the entire lifecycle of their business relationships with individual IFAs, supporting confidence, transparency and efficiency in relation to commission credit and debt.  Relevant data is compliantly shared between Elixir 2000 insurer users to mitigate potential risks who may systematically target multiple insurers in order to commit commission fraud and IFAs who may repeatedly require extensive and long-term commission credit due to financial instability. This in turn protects insurers from reputation risk, assists them in realising their TCF objectives and supports mutually beneficial relationships with their IFA partners. Elixir 2000 was built 16 years ago and CRIF and the insurer user community recognised the benefits to be gained from upgrading the system to reflect advances in technology and working practices. 

The web-based, hosted solution has been integrated into CRIF’s Decision Hub platform providing users with a unified experience including access to additional tools and services from CRIF. As well as taking on board all new web technology standards, including HTML 5; the user experience has been improved with a fresh look and feel and a responsive self-adapting user interface facilitating access from smartphones to desktops. In addition to the ability to use the system ‘on the move’; new facilities for self-service user administration have been introduced, minimising the need to rely on central administration for changes and access updates.  Training requirements remain minimal, and CRIF provides a dedicated environment where users can familiarise themselves with the system using dummy data. 
As an integral insurer tool based on real time interaction, it was imperative that the system update was seamless and caused minimum disruption and downtime for users.  CRIF undertook extensive planning and analysis throughout the development of the new platform, working closely with appointed representatives of the Elixir 2000 insurer community to ensure the new system would meet current and future needs, to manage user acceptance testing and to co-ordinate migration plans.    Peter Tovey, Project Manager of the Elixir 2000 migration team, said: “This was a massive project for us but it has moved our system well into the 21st century with access available through all smart devices currently available. The CRIF team were innovative and very customer focused throughout all phases of the project from pre-migration, through User Acceptance Testing, to migration and post implementation. The project was well managed and there was a high level of communication. Everyone involved strived to deliver what the customer wanted and on occasions more.”  

Jay Hooke, Chair of Elixir2000, commented: ‘Elixir2000 has partnered with CRIF for the past 16 years and during that time we have been impressed with their customer focus and constant striving to improve the service they deliver. There was a huge amount of effort on their part in the planning and design of our system on the new platform which ensured that there was virtually no disruption to our membership in any phase of the project. Our system is now accessible on all mobile devices as well as having greatly improved functionality, all of which has been very well received by our members. The new platform will also give us the ability to enhance the service provided to our members with the options of additional functionality in the future.”  

Sara Costantini, Director of CRIF Decision Solutions said: “We listened carefully to the needs of the Elixir 2000 insurer community when upgrading the risk management database and migrating to the new platform.  Users were able to log in and recommence their activity with no interruption to work flow process. The pro-active collaboration between CRIF and the user community made this project a resounding success of which we can all be proud.  The platform upgrade will allow for further advanced functionalities to be implemented on the new system and we look forward to innovating and responding to new user requirements over the coming year.”