London, 15-16 November 2023

CRIF participated at the Insurance Innovators Summit to engage with industry leaders and visionaries who are shaping the future of insurance.

A significant topic was the rise of embedded insurance, especially in the context of evolving consumer behaviours towards vehicle usage. The trend away from ownership towards a usage-based model brings forth the need for seamlessly integrated insurance solutions. Another challenge faced by insurers is providing a smooth customer experience and at the same time, effectively assessing and managing risks.

There is a clear need to make insurance an intuitive, almost invisible part of the customer's experience, ensuring protection and peace of mind without the added complexity.

The summit also emphasised the role of digital adoption and generative AI in today's insurance landscape. In our current economic environment, coupled with rapid technological advancements and game-changing developments, the opportunities to better serve consumers and businesses have never been greater.

Networking with peers and experts provided us with insights, reinforcing our commitment to driving innovation in the insurance industry.